Clinic Overview

The Radiowave Clinic is a non-profit privately funded cancer treatment facility providing a unique cancer treatment, the outcomes of which form part of cancer studies undertaken by The Radiowave Therapy Research Institute.

Johns Hopkins Research Collaboration

On 23 September 2009 the Radiowave Therapy Research Institute (RTRI), Perth Australia entered into a ‘Research Collaboration Agreement’ with Johns Hopkins School of Medicine (JHM), Baltimore, USA… More

Directors Message

Dear reader, I feel it is important to understand the driving forces behind the Clinic…More

Case StudiesClick to read summaries and detailed reports on recent Radiowave treatments.

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Sligo VideoIn collaboration with the IT Sligo, Ireland the Radiowave Clinic is helping the Radiowave Therapy Research Institute fund breakthough research in Ireland.

ACA VideoClick to view an A Current Affair report (Oct 2004) on radiowave therapy.