Side Effect Comparisons

Radiowave therapy is known to be non invasive, safe and without long term side effects (with rare and known exceptions).

There may be no option for a patient in terms of the cancer treatment they require, but informed choice should always be the first factor in patient consent to proceed with a particular treatment. Side effects are an important factor in patient treatment choice and consent.

This side effects table was prepared during the set-up phase of the Clinic to compare Radiowave therapy with conventional treatments.

Note that the following four points msust be taken into consideration when reviewing the side effects table.

  1. The effects claimed for traditional treatments came from web based literature provided by a number of organisations, the source of which is not identified. As such the information may not be appropriately represented or accurate as the World Wide Web an open forum likely to contain inaccuracies. Notwithstanding, both the radiowave therapy side effects presented in the side effects table and the traditional treatment side effects tabled have been edited and validated by Dr John Holt personally. Dr Holt has years of experience in all forms of conventional treatments prior to his discoveries with radiowave therapy.
  2. The information provided in the side effects table assumes that the patient has complied with all pre, during and post treatment requirements as directed by their medical supervisor to ensure the best possible outcome for that treatment modality.
  3. In the side effects table where there is a yes, it means that a side effect occurs with a particular treatment, but this does not mean that it will apply in every circumstance.
  4. No action or decisions should be made with respect to the side effects table ; its purpose is to show factors in general terms. Always seek professional medical advice about your intentions.

Cancer treatment side effects table: PDF 104 Kb

The following links provide interesting commentary about conventional treatments of cancer, with some interesting perspectives about chemotherapy. Views expressed in these web sites do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Directors or staff of the Clinic.

The links below have been included in this web site because treatments, other than those of a traditional nature, are too often trivialised or criticised by those who understand them least.

The Clinic believes in openness and proposes that everyone has the right of informed choice, however must reiterate that it is important to ask questions and discuss your thoughts or intentions with you principal medical advisor.